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Plate Processors

Plate Processors

We provide an extensive range of plate processors, all designed to minimise chemistry consumption and maintenance.

FCF-V Series

These compact CTP finishing units are compatible with Superia PRO-V, Fujifilm’s leading low-chemistry violet plate, and help eliminate water rinsing while reducing chemical usage and waste.

FLH-Z Series

Our award-winning FLH-Z ‘ZAC’ processors are compatible with our low chemistry thermal plates, significantly reducing chemistry consumption and maintenance through unique intelligent monitoring and replenishment.

FLC-V Series

This range is designed to complement our Superia PRO-V low chemistry plate, and being easy to clean and maintain with an incredibly small footprint, represent a simple solution that has clear environmental benefits.

FLC-TZ Series

An alternative range of heavy duty plate processors that incorporate Fujifilm’s unique ‘ZAC’ technology, compatible with our low chemistry thermal plates, to help reduce chemistry use and maintenance.

Glunz & Jensen Clean out Unit

With no need for developer chemicals, these powerful and reliable clean-out units are optimised to deliver exceptional results with our low-chemistry (gum) thermal plates.