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Marjorie Rossouw

Head of Marketing

Marjorie Rossouw joined Papercor in 2019 with a background and experience in project management in the engineering fields. 

Starting out from humble beginnings Marjorie now finds herself in a dual role at Papercor Holdings. She manages a round of printer customers, which keeps her very much in touch with the latest trends and happenings in the print industry and also the latest technology in printing equipment. She also manages the Papercor brand on all platforms, which includes Facebook, Instagram and Linkdin, promoting our premium brands Hi-Q Titan and Sappi GalerieArt to the corporates, ad agencies and the greater printing industry throughout South Africa with the emphasis on the Environmental credibility of these products.

Her vision at Papercor includes plans to build on her knowledge in both, sales and marketing, creating and implementing impactful brand awareness, as well as making it her personal mission to grow and build lasting customer relationships.

 On a lighter note, Marjorie loves the outdoors and is an avid fitness enthusiast. In her free time you’ll either find her on her mountain bike, in a crossfit class or giving a spinning class. Marjorie also enjoys the life balance of spending time with her family and just taking it easy at home with her husband.