Papercor is a proudly South African-owned business

Paper Demo

As a marketing service, we visit South African design and advertising agencies to provide promotional material and samples of coated paper brands specified in our coated paper and board range for their below-the-line print work. We assist designers create consistent and reliable brands for their clients by supplying the same quality product(s) in order to avoid quality issues typical of non FSC or FEFC papers.

  • South African-owned, Triple Green art (produced in SA) and Galerie art (Sappi-owned and produced in Europe)
  • environmentally produced sustainable products
  • sustainable forestry
  • recyclable fibres
  • chlorine-free.
Papercor is a South African owned paper merchant committed to supporting South African producers of paper products.
  • specify your product brand
  • request a visit from a Papercor consultant
  • specify the product you require your customer’s brand to be associated with
  • specify a South African brand
  • ensure your printer uses your specifications
  • you receive information regarding South African and environmental coated art paper and board
  • you receive the requested sampling in preparation for specified jobs
  • your printer receives sampling for mock-ups
  • we are informed of the specifics of the job
  • each job has sufficient specified stock before going to print
  • there is consistent print-run ability at print
  • there is consistent whiteness and brightness of the specified sheet
  • there is consistent colour clarity and sharpness during colour printing

Corporate Guidance

Corporates should not allow their brand to be compromised by printing on variant quality papers, nor allow their printers to choose the cheapest brand available on the market when it will affect the quality of their printing

We provide a service to ensure South African corporates have the opportunity to choose environmentally compliant, South African paper products for all their print work to make certain their communications are consistently printed on high-quality and environmentally friendly paper products.