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Fast. Effective and very responsive

Commercial Litho Printing

Commercial Litho Printing

An advanced range of pre-press and pressroom solutions manufactured to the highest quality and consistency that help you produce high quality print with the maximum efficiency and minimum environmental impact.

Our high quality printing plates are the benchmark by which others are judged, with a choice of both thermal and violet technologies.

Our processors can help make your pre-press department more efficient by reducing chemistry and water use and lowering maintenance.

Fujifilm has a range of integrated CTP solutions, using both photopolymer and thermal technologies.

Fujifilm’s XMF Workflow system provides end to end print production management from file submission and job approval through to final job layout and print. It is a powerful and flexible production hub, designed to meet the production demands of sheetfed, web and digital print companies. Built around PDF and JDF technologies, it offers a rich set of capabilities in pre-flighting, colour management, imposition and screening.