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Corpak Packaging Board

A fully coated folding box board with a coated white back (GCI) used primarily for high quality pharmaceutical and cosmetic packaging, book covers and other graphic applications.

Alternative: Allyking; Zenith

Smooth, white coated one side; second side lick coating
Sheets; reels
Print process
Litho; Digital
Basis weights
200 gsm – 302 micronl 230 gsm – 347 micron – 250 gsm – 378 micron; 270 gsm – 408 micron; 300 gsm – 450 micron; 350 gsm – 529 micron; 400 gsm – 604 micron
End-use applications
Packaging, high-quality cosmetics packaging; pharmaceuticals packaging; greeting cards, cards and boxes
Product type
Uncoated Board
Production origin
Europe: supplied by Papercor